Considerations When Repairing Your Parking Lot

Considerations When Repairing Your Parking Lot

Imagine your ideal customer is meeting at your office or store for the first time. They recently just got a brand new car, and take pride in the detailing. They pull up to your store front and can’t find a place to park because of your pothole situation. Or maybe they just don’t want to soak their shoes in your flooded entryway. Not exactly the first impression you were looking for, eh? Maybe it’s time to consider updating your first impression.

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Improve Your First Impression

Reasons to Repair and Replace Your Parking Lot

Fix Large Pot Holes in Your Parking Lot

Pot holes are not only a nuisance to the eye, they can cause tire damage and encourage more maintenance if left unfixed. Depending on how severe and how many pot holes are at your place of business you should research the cost difference between replacing and repairing the parking lot. Any well rated concrete contractor should be able to point you in the right direction.

Correct Drainage Issues for the Storefront

There are many factors that come in to why your business floods, i.e. the torrential rain downpours that Des Moines has been experiencing lately, but a less known factor could be your parking lot grading and drainage plan. At CMC Solutions, our concrete professionals can design a plan for you that not only looks professional, but helps protect your business’ assets by creating an efficient drainage plan.

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Repair Large Cracks in the Concrete

You know the saying, step on a crack, break your mother’s back. Well, who wants to do that? If your parking lot is full of cracks, it may be time to replace your parking lot. Or if the cracks are minor, there are many maintenance solutions for your cracked parking lot. Contact a certified concrete contractor to see how you can manage your store front parking.

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Comply with ADA Regulations for your Business

Is your business up to code with ADA regulations? Replacing or repairing your parking lot can assure that your business’ first impression is compliant with all applicable regulations including handicap parking, graded entry ways and parking layout.

Create a Positive First Impression with Your Parking Lot

Have you ever pulled out of a business that you intended to shop at because there was either no parking or too many obstacles to avoid before entering? Believe it or not, your parking lot could be losing business for you. By repairing or replacing your parking lot, your business is putting it’s best foot forward.

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How To Replace Your Parking Lot

Source Bids from Local Concrete Contractors

One of the best ways to source bids from local concrete contractors is to research real customer reviews. Try looking up what customers have to say on Google, Facebook, and Thumbtack . From there, you can also view portfolio photos and eventually book with a qualified concrete contractor.

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Book Your Parking Lot Repair or Replacement

So what are you waiting for? If your business’ first impression is important to your bottom line, don’t delay. A free, no obligation bid is waiting just behind this call button.

Commercial Property Concrete Repair Partnerships in Des Moines

Commercial Property Concrete Repair Partnerships in Des Moines

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