Ask the Experts: Concrete or Asphalt?

Ask the Experts: Concrete or Asphalt?

What’s the Difference Between Asphalt and Concrete?

When choosing between a concrete residential driveway or parking lot in Iowa, we recommend to take the following factors into consideration:

Does Concrete or Asphalt Cost More?

If the short term, up front cost are the deciding factor, Asphalt driveways and parking lots are less expensive - depending on the size thickness requirements. The long term trade off; however, is asphalt requires more ongoing maintenance than concrete. While initially the up front costs are higher, long term they require less maintenance therefore less maintenance costs. It’s the age old “buy nice or buy twice”, and with a large investment like your home or commercial property, long term considerations come into play.

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Curb Appeal

Concrete is a beautiful option for your real estate, whether that be residential or commercial. Concrete driveways and parking lots can also be installed in a large variety of colors and designs. You can view some of our decorative concrete work on our residential page. Also, take into consideration the effects of a concrete parking lot if it’s not maintained properly or how it can look as it ages. For curb appeal, concrete is the winner.

Decorative concrete

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What Lasts Longer: CONCRETE or ASPHALT?

According to Minnesota Department of Transportation, which has similar climate pains to Central Iowa, concrete can cost nearly 30 percent less than asphalt over the course of its working life. Factors such as reapplication of joint fillers and overall lifespan were both longer in concrete jobs. In fact, it was found the average concrete project lasts 30 to 40 years compared to asphalt at only 15 to 18 years.

Choosing the Right Concrete Contractor

Before proceeding with replacing or repairing your parking lot, driveway or municipal project, it’s important to have a professional, licensed concrete contractor provide an official opinion and bid. An ROI evaluation from your contractor based on drainage issues, foundation cracking and maintenance costs must play a factor in this decision. With proper installation, your new concrete area can last another 30 – 40 years.

So, if you are looking to make an initial investment in your property, let’s talk. Our bids are free, and we work on projects from residential driveways, to complete municipal parking lot replacements.

Considerations When Repairing Your Parking Lot

Considerations When Repairing Your Parking Lot

Military Discount on All Concrete Services in Iowa

Military Discount on All Concrete Services in Iowa